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That damn boss is just stressing you out? Well, with these awesome guns, even the strongest fiends will be completely disassembled. On top of this, the rare Robopet will take care of the twitching pile of body parts you’ll leave behind. Check it out, all packs are reduced by 60%!

15,99 Buy now

Explosive Unicorn

Over 40,00 € Value

  1× The Unicorn Permanent

15,99 Buy now
29,99 Buy now

Tyrant's Weaponpack

Over 75,00 € Value

  1× Tyrant's Roar Permanent

  1× Assault AN94 Permanent

29,99 Buy now
49,99 Buy now

Best Value

Rare Robopet

Over 125,00 € Value

  1× Mars Chap Box (Rare) Permanent

  1× Ammo Plugin Lvl 4 Permanent

  1× ThaBomb Plugin Lvl 4 Permanent

  1× Spawn Plugin Lv4 Permanent

  1× Force Field Plugin Lv4 Permanent

  1× Counter Force Lv 4 Permanent

  1× Thunderstruck Plugin Lv4 Permanent

  1× Energy Shield Plugin Lv4 Permanent

49,99 Buy now